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Art Videos – Paintings by TSteele.Art

Enjoy a close up look at paintings Art videos from Paintings by TSteele.Art! Available for purchase on Etsy and Red Bubble as Prints, Canvases, Wearables, etc.

Paintings by TSteele.art See more info about each painting on www.TSteele.Art –

Available for purchase on Etsy.com/shop/Fineshoppes



Purchase originals or digital downloads :

Chapter One – 0:00 “Above the Clouds” Digital Art,

Chapter Two – 1:21 “Across the Way” Watercolor Ink Wash ,

Chapter Three – 2:13 “At Water’s Edge” Watercolor Ink Wash,

Chapter Four 3:09 “Above the Tree Line” Acrylic Painting,

Chapter Five 4:00 “Afternoon Nap” Oil Pastel

Chapter Six 5:00 “Be Careful of the Fairies” chapter Seven 6:00 “All in a Summer’s Afternoon”

Video Art Close Ups

Blue Ridge Mountains, and Blue Birds, Watercolor and Ink Wash Art Collection by www.Tsteele.Art

Chapter One – 0:00 “Beneath the Surface” Digital Art by TSteele.Art

Chapter Two – 1:12 “Bright Sky Lighthouse” Watercolor and Ink Painting by TSteele.Art

Chapter Three – 2:16 “Bleeding Hearts” Watercolor Painting by TSteele.Art

Chapter Four – 3:12 Blue Ridge Summer Rain” Watercolor Ink Wash by TSteele.Art

Chapter Five – 4:12 “Blue Ridge” Watercolor Painting on Rag Paper by TSteele.Art

Chapter Six – 5:10 “Blue Bird” Watercolor Painting by TSteele.Art

Chapter Seven – 6:06 “Happiness is Pink Clouds” Watercolor Ink Wash by TSteele.Art

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Blue Mountains Birds and a Lighthouse

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