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The Rolling Sea

“The Rolling Sea” is a mixed media painting of oil and acrylic on Canvas Board – 11″ x 14″. Purchase original

I paint for enjoyment. My enjoyment. If you find my painting pleasing, entertaining, mesmerizing, exciting, or it communicates to you on a level deeper than say your average graphic novel, then I have achieved both of my goals!!!

This particular painting is about my time at the beach, and near the ocean. I travel frequently to the coast of Florida and the Carolinas to get my sea air fix! And when there…

I paint. I capture all I can of the seaside feel in the paintings I take back home with me.

In this painting… it is the layers. I am absolutely enthralled by building with the paint on the canvas till I achieve the “Feel” I am after in the painting. So as you watch me paint, you will see me revisit the same layers time and again, till I have massaged them… and it is just right. You can purchase other design items with “The Rolling Sea” here.

Watch the painting process: ( Sped up A LOT!)

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