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Time Was

“Time Was” Original Watercolor Ink Wash Painting 6″ x 4″ on Rag paper. $20.00 by Tina Steele Penn

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“Time Was” is an original Ink Wash by Tina Steele Penn. This Ink Wash painting is part of my tiny barn collection.

I absolutely adore old barns.  They are grand structures telling us about the lives of their owners.  They link us to the past and how the land was farmed in days gone by.

The ink wash medium delivers the flowy places in the painting.

This painting is made using an Ink Wash. One loses a lot of clarity when working with ink wash, but the upside is the really cool textures created in the drying process. This one is made on rag paper.

As an artist I have never like “Coloring in the lines”. To me there is a mystery to the vision when things are not too precise. The brain likes to fill in the blanks. Find hidden surprises and joys in the effects. It creates an atmosphere unique to the painting. Very much like in Abstract Expressionism.

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