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Study in Blue – The Night Sea

Time Was

Looking for Fairies

The Trees Clap Their Hands

Cotton Candy Clouds

Down the Beach


Afternoon Nap

Against the Wall

Moon Rising

Hurricane On The Horizon

Late Spring Snow

The Homeplace

Frosted Lighthouse


Eco System


“Broken Dreams”

Study in Blue

Ice Breaking

“In My Eyes”

In Rhythm with My Heart

Moody Morning at the Lighthouse

Mood Study – Monochromatic

Riding the Waves

Sea Air

Shades of Gray

Melon-Choly Ocean

Melon-Choly Lighthouse

Sunrise Walk

The Moors

West Jefferson


Waters Edge

All in a Summer’s Afternoon

The Onslaught

Autumn in Wolf Wood – Acrylic Painting by TSteele.Art

The Visitor Series

The Visitation


God’s Tears

In the Harbor

Light Becomes Elements

Neon Seas


On the Rocks

“Land’s End” Watercolor Painting by TSteele.Art

Within the Lines

Storm at Sunset

The Blues

“Intercession” and “The Visitor”

Across the Way

Above the Tree Line

“A Walk in Wolf Wood”

“Hollies on Ice” Digital Art by TSteele.Art

Cardinal in the Tropics

Surprise in the Shadows


Beneath The Surface – Digital Artwork

Above the Clouds

Redsky at Morning

I Love to Paint in Watercolor!

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