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God’s Tears

“God’s Tears” by Tina Steele Penn for TSteele.Art is a 12″x9″ Watercolor Ink Wash on Watercolor Bond.

Why would God cry?

In the Christian tradition of the New Testament, it says “Jesus wept” when he saw the sadness of Mary and Martha after their brother Lazaras died. Jesus knew he was going to bring Lazaras back to life, but he wept because their sadness broke his heart. Our sadness breaks His heart.

But, we say, WHY doesn’t He prevent these bad things.

He is God and HE has a multitude of reasons – that he assures us he will bring greater good out of.

AND we suffer because we live in a fallen – defective – world.

Yes, the world is so very sad and hard to deal with! But while we have hope in future promises of GOOD, for now…

Jesus weeps with us.

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